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Release of Two New Books

Los Angeles, CA — NavWorks Press announces the release of two great landmark volumes of poetry, Dropping Ants into Poems, by DE Navarro, and Sometimes Anyway, a compilation of 39 remarkable poets worldwide.

ORDER discounts are available now

Dropping Ants into Poems A masterful work of literary merit in which DE gives us 27 engaging contemporary poems, 18 Zen poems, and 1 piece of flash fiction that all work together intricately to develop the main theme of planting the seeds of words and knowledge for future generations. Includes an article on contemporary poetry, and a surprise bonus to spice things up.

DE has been called a word-master who writes with an intelligent poetic flair that demonstrates his symbiotic relationship with the English language and extraordinary ability to deliver powerful themes through words and imagery.

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Sometimes Anyway: Pride in Poetry Volume II

Powerful poetry by the 2016 Pride in Poetry Prize winners and selected poets. A remarkably compelling compilation of 63 poems by 39 poets from all over the world that explores the character and quality of life and humanity—past and present—in the full span of our lives. It also features 8 micro-essays.

Poems were chosen for their quality, readability, and poignant impact, and will please all poetry readers everywhere from this time forward, in every place under the sun. There is something here for everyone and everything here is for someone.

Pride in Poetry ~ Patron of the Arts

Hi, I’m DE Navarro, Author, Poet, and Editor.

I want to help new and undiscovered poets break into print.  I promote poetry and the writing arts in English worldwide.

I have undertaken a book project to publish 50 poets.

The cost of publishing a poetry book is well over $1000 when you secure ISBN, copyright, layout & design, materials, printing, and marketing.

I successfully published 76 poets in 2009 in Between Life and Language: Pride in Poetry Volume I.  It helped to launch the poetic careers of a number of beginning poets who went on to win other contests, to get published, and to become poet laureates in their communities or states.

This is an opportunity for YOU to become a Patron of the Arts. Your patronage will support the production and publication of Pride in Poetry Volume II.

This is great advertisement for you or your company. Your name will be listed on the “Patron” page as one of the sponsors who made this volume possible. The amount you give will not be listed, just that you are a Patron of the Arts.

Please become a Patron of the Arts and support young and beginning poets to break into print.

The fact of the matter is, most art and literature is funded by patrons and foundations because there is no profit in it for big business.

Only people like you and me keep the arts and humanities alive in our day and time by donating time, energy, expertise and funds.

I will be doing all the production work and making up the difference in funds out of my own pocket.

It will mean a great deal to me and to 50 poets if you help with this project.  I will be extremely grateful and will honor you by sending you a complimentary copy of Pride in Poetry Volume II when it is complete (by December).

You will be proud to be a part of this volume.

Click the link to become a Patron of the Arts.

Thank you again for keeping the arts and humanities alive in our world today.

Between Life and Language: Pride in Poetry Volume I

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